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Dear Gabriel I am sorry that I told Johnny about what you did it was wrong of me and it was private and you didn't want me to tell him. I hope it didn't hurt him. He loves you very much and sometimes he thinks he doesn't deserve you but you love him very much and it scares you that you could lose him and I just wanted to help but sometimes when I try to help it goes wrong and I say the wrong things. I would have taken it back but I think you would have known because you are so powerful. I wanted to ask you more about what you are but there wasn't time. If you aren't angry with me perhaps you could tell me sometime. Writing like this is difficult. Sometimes the letters change but they always change to the thing I wanted to say. Can the fine Donne fonne hear my thoughts? Just there it said wrong things. Maybe it's because I didn't know what I was trying to say either. Spike tried to tell me what this thing is but I don't understand.

[a short while later]

I met a girl named B and she taught me how to talk on the phone so I don't have to type this is much easier even if it is still very strange
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[A series of rapid-fire texts sent while pacing and hoping Greta's phone is on silent]

how's things going

is he okay? is Steven? are you?

ruckus and I are having a party

that's a lie she's watching me pace around the room

your apartment is so clean I can't even clean it

miss you

is that stupid??

idek just ignore me you've got bigger stuff to deal with
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Getting a bit carried away out there?
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hey johnny
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Iman. I love you TO MUCH.

SO MUCH my phone got if all wrong I'm sorry!!

No such thing as too much 😉
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Hey bro, scrubbed the sigils off especially for you. Got something I want to show you.
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The TARDIS is gone. Gabriel's in the ramble, and he doesn't seem keen on leaving. I think he might listen to you, though, if you went to him.

I didn't want to be a bother, so I didn't stay, but I have some of the People looking out for him.
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There's something wrong with the Balladeer. Can someone please help me?
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Hey! How are you?

Sorry I didn't swing by today, things got busy. I think I adopted a kid

Do you have any advice on that, by the way? Just in general?
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Hi! I'm Steven Universe, and I just got here yesterday. :)
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Gabriel, I need help. Iman's apartment. Please hurry.
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We have a new arrival. I should introduce you.
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Can you come by my apartment, if you have a minute? There's a new arrival.
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Hey, sorry about that whole Death thing last night. Dream kinda got away from me there.
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Anyone need a sparring partner? guess I could teach you to fight too
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hey man it's been a while, sorry I've been such a flake, you wanna do something soon? like... tomorrow? I know tomorrow's monday but I'm free if you are
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Does anybody want guitar lessons? Or ukelele, banjo, or piano lessons? Discounts for rifties!

[They might actually just be entirely free, because the Balladeer's enthusiasm far outweighs his money sense.]

You can play with this too, but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners.

[See attached picture. His enthusiasm FAR outweighs his money sense.]
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[Four separate texts in rapid, nervous succession.]


Sorry I've been so quiet lately.

Would you like to come by? You could meet Lilly.

And it would be nice to see you.


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